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Here is a working beginning on a previous commitment Charter in the Room of the Communities. (I would wish to specify that it is only a working lead, among possible others,: this text is resulting from the considerations of Yhad and Citerre, with addition of other texts received on the Net. To you to do what of it you wish, to remodel or which seems incorrect to you to reject... at the level of the form or the content)

1) introductory platform:

Because the human activities put seriously in danger the fragile balance of the ecosystems of our planet, because the climate change becomes a dramatic reality and that it is advisable to remedy there of emergency.

Because him human being, because of his/her/its position to the summit of the evolution, his/her/its intelligence, his/her/its capacities and his/her/its knowledge has the responsibility to become guard and of protector of the Land and the other kinds.

Because we share all one starts out responsibility for the gender of future that we will create for our children and innumerable generations to come.

Because the men increasingly become aware of their interdependence, obliging them to find global solutions to global problems, as well as of the overall solutions to local problems and the local solutions to overall problems.

Because the growing gap between the rich and the poor, put seriously in danger the survival and the security of all. Because the emergence of a best world founded on the equality, the justice and the ecological viability can alone to enable the long-term life of our civilizations, our kind and our ecosystem.

Because the ethnic, cultural particularisms, linguistics, philosophical, religious have until now served to divide the men and to raise them the some against the other, in particular because some communities are not represented on a world level, that it was about communities without land, very minority communities or communities of ideas.

Because the particularisms are a real wealth for humankind provided that to see under these particularisms the fundamental features that are common to all the human kind. 

Because, besides, every human is a point of convergence of one thousand ideas, geographical specificities, linguistic, cultural, ethnic belongings,; that each is modeled by its genetic heritage and by his/her/its history and his/her/its previous experiences, as well as by his/her/its holds of consciences.

Because the only community who that is to say capable to respect all particularisms simultaneously and the fundamental human rights are as a whole the human community, keeping a vigilance of every instant, not looking after what any totalitarian particularism rises to the point to do the shade to the other particularisms and especially to the characters common to all men.

Because a world and transnational parliament corresponds to the desire of common project représentativité concerning the management of the serious problems to which are confronted humankind and it set of the other living beings, beyond the simple national and private interests, and also to ensure the recognition and the respect of some non constituted human particularisms in States.

Because the participation to a same electoral vote of ALL inhabitants of the planet would have a considerable psychological impact as for the collective awareness of the common destiny of the rural.

Because, within this World Parliament, the Communities of ideas, instead of facing itself/themselves, will become richer and will be aid and aid mutually.

For these reasons, is put in place, to the sides of the UNO, a second room,: The Room of the Communities, that allows every Human to vote and/or to do a proposal as for the management of his/her/its environment and his/her/its future. This recognition grants a dignity, a socially responsible equality and an economic minimum to every inhabitant of the Land.

2) charter of commitment

The Communities candidates, and their representatives, the "Carriers of Proposals" begin on the previous commitment Charter. Them:

1. approve without reserve:
a - The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the man and the child,
b - The Declaration of the Rights and Duty of the Human being,
c - The Earth Charter.
d - The principle of the equality of the Rights of the Women, the Men and Children.
e - The principle according to which every to be living, that he/it is human or non, has the right to the dignity, to the freedom, to the existence and to the respect of their fundamental needs in a harmonious interdependence.
f - The flat introductory form of the Values of the World Parliament and the flat introductory form of the Room of the Communities.

2. declare solemnly that the war, and all form of armed violence, is illegal.

3. approve the fact that litigations between communities must be solved to best of the interest of each of the parts, thanks to the aid of negotiators, and ever by the weapons.

4. Accept, in case of litigation between communities and/or states if the negotiations fail, to put back itself/themselves of it to the judgment of the Run of arbitration of the Peoples and Communities.

5. Recognize that the human community, in spite of and thanks to his/her/its differences, is one, various and bedecked, and that they do some before all started out.

6. Commit to recognize their clean needs as the needs of the other communities.

7. Commit to privilege the dialogue and the dialogue.

8. declares that the rights and the security of every human being cannot be ensured that while preserving the rights of all those and those that live on Land.

9. declares to have the determination and the conscience to work to ends serving the more grand many together of the human community.

... has as beginning of framework that I hope simultaneously enough for freeing and simultaneously protective enough of the values of which we debated. It is such a framework (modified more or less) who decorated me to be the guarantor of what you demand: "... how is what we can ensure that all peoples can contribute to participate completely in the development of the proposals and ideas and that the rule of the majority doesn't go over to the of the rights, needs, or approaches chosen by the rest? "
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