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Dear Georges,

Since you are president of the United States, bad languages claim that you twiddle the the thumb. Yet in some months, you succeeded to:

1) to be reduced of 39 million dollars the budget of the federal libraries

2) to be reduced of 35 million dollars the budget of the training program in advanced pediatric medicine.

3) to be reduced of 50% the budget of research on the extendable energies.

4) to repulse the broadcast of the regulation being reduced the levels acceptable" of arsenic in the drinking water.

5) to be reduced of 28% the budget of the research program for vehicles less pollutants and less consumers of energy.

6) to abolish the legislation allowing the state to refuse all public contract to the companies that rape the federal laws, the protective laws of the environment and the rules of security on the workplace.

7) to allow to the secretary of him inside Scabies Norton to explore the possibility to open the national parks to the lumbering and mining and to the oil and gas drillings.

8) to disown your promise of countryside to invest 100 million dollars per year in the protection of the tropical drills.

9) to be reduced of 86% the community program of access to the care, that organized the cooperation of the public hospitals, of the clinics private and other providers to help the patients deprived medical insurance.

10) to be reduced to nothingness a proposal aiming to increase the access of the public on the news on the potential consequences of the industrial chemical accidents.

11) to be reduced of 60 million dollars the program of public housing of the aid foundation to the childhood.

12) to refuse to sign the agreement of Kyoto on the effect of serre,contre the determination of 178 countries.

13) to reject an international agreement having for aim the application of the treaty of 1972 banishing arming organic micros.

14) to be reduced out of work of 200 million dollars the budget of the programs of training of the workers.

15) to be reduced of 200 million dollars the Fund for the childhood and the development, a program that allows the family down come back to do keep their children during work hours.

16) to eliminate the cover of the prescribed contraceptives medically for the officers of the federal administration whereas the Viagra is still covered).

17) to be reduced of 700 million dollars the budget of rehabilitation of the public housing.

18) to be reduced of a half billion of dollars the budget of the EPA (protective agency of the environment).

19) to abolish instructions concerning the rules of hygiene and security on the workplaces.

20) to disown your promise of countryside to regulate the broadcasts of carbon dioxide that contribute strongly to the greenhouse effect.

21) to forbid the original aid assignment federal to the international organizations of family planning that provide the advice or services concerning IVG, they were financed on clean bottom.

22) to name responsible concerning hygiene and security mining with regard to the ministry of Work an elder leader of a mining company, Dan Laurel.

23) to name under secretary to the ministry of the interior Lynn Scarlett, an officer who doesn't believe in the greenhouse effect and who opposes to the introduction of more coercive rules against the atmospheric pollution.

24) to approve the controversial project of the ministry of him inside Scabies Norton, that consists in putting to the bids of the seafloors near of the coast is from Florida to the ends of oil-bearing and gas exploitation.

25) to plan the authorization of oil drillings in an area protected from Montana, the Lewis and Clark National Forest.

26) to threaten to close the Office of fight against the AIDS of the White house. 

27) to decide of more to consult the American organization of the bar concerning nomination of the federal judges.

28) to refuse all financial aid to the students condemned for minor offenses of addiction (whereas people condemned for murder always have right to these aids).

29) to determine 3% of the amount defined by the lawyers of the department of the justice for the budget allocated to the pursuits of the administration against the industry of tobacco only.

30) to do go your project of decrease of taxes that takes advantage of, for 43% to the 1% of the American richest.

31) to sign a decree that makes a lot more difficult to the American having low incomes or means to declare in personal bankruptcy, even when they face exceptional medical expenses.

32) to name director of the staff of the White House Kay Cole James, an adversary of the positive discrimination in favor of the minorities.

33) to be reduced of 15,7 million dollars the budget of the program against the abuse of the miners.

34) to propose the elimination of the program" Lira, it is fundamental", who enabled to distribute some books free to the children of poor families.

35) to stimulate the development of arming" nuclear micros" intended to reach the underground targets and this in violation of the test ban treaty nuclear.

36) to try to eliminate a legislation protecting 24 million hectares of forests against all form of lumbering and against the construction of roads.

37) to name responsible for the controls of arming and the questions of security international John Bolton, adversary of the non-proliferation treaties and hostile to the UNO.

38) to name a leader of Monsanto, Linda Fisher, as associate administrator of the protective agency of the environment.

39) to name to a post of federal judge Michael McConnel, of which one knows the opposition well to the separation of the church and State

40) to name to a post of federal judge Terrence Boyle, adversary of the civic rights.

41) to eliminate the date stop of 2004 granted to the constructors of cars to develop prototypes of more saving vehicles while carburating.

42) to name to the head of the governmental program of fight against the drug John Walterss, adversary of the processing of the drug addicts incarcerated.

43) to name associate secretary inside J.Steven Giles, very known for his/her/its work at the service of the lobbies of coal and oil.

44) to name responsible for water and the scientific research with regard to the ministry Bennet Raley, adversary of the legislation in favor of the protection of the kinds threatened.

45) to do pressure to block the pursuits undertaken against Japan by the Asian women having served sexual slaves to the Japanese troops during World War II.

46) to name legal adviser of the house Half note Ted Olson,ton main lawyer in the legal controversy on the legality of the vote in Florida.

47) to propose to improve the procedure of authorization of the construction of dams and nuclear plants, including while weakening the protective criteria of the environment.

48) to propose the sale of gas and oil drilling zones in the areas protected from Alaska.

And now, you wish to get involved in a war of which you don't measure the consequences to come.

I believe, dear Georges, that France should do vote by the UNO the sending of blue helmets in USA because visibly, you are doing what none of your predecessors had dare to do to your peuple. ET BY WAY OF CONSEQUENCE HAS US.

Then, rest to do toy with your soldiers and to treat Saddam Hussein like an enemy because visibly you resemble to him.

Go Georges, go back at home and stop to frighten my son with your noises of boots.

Thanks to do circulate this open letter so that the world opens the eyes and know...
Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer © 2003