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The proposals for FPH

Looking for dinamizar actions of geographical and thematic enlargement of the process Alliance with individuals' mobilization, popularization capacity and development of the proposals according to edited notebooks and answering the call to initiatives sent by FPH, it appears the propositions to proceed, that you/they are actions directly linked to allies' articulations for popularization of the process Alliance, diffusion works and alert for the questions socioambientais, of Youth and need of formatting of world active net for actions of Maintainable Development.

A proposal that we believed to be important for execution to proceed. They are Forums for Youths (or adults) that will describe in an objective and synthetic way, for soon afterwards to justify him/it because of the proposition.

The idea is to accomplish 3 Forums of Youth (or allies) in Brazil for practical existences, conversations and plannings on the themes: Social Empreendedorismo, Education, Culture and Art as expression means, Governança and Culture of Paz.

· 1st - gathering 30 components of the Brazilian Young Net in his/her second national encounter (the first took place in 2000 with support of the Alliance in São Paulo) in the city of Cable of Santo Agostinho / Pernambuco - 5 days

· 2nd - gathering 25 Jovens Latino-Americanos (being 7 Brazilian), in the city of Cavalcante/Goiás - 6 days.

· 3rd - gathering the 45 youths of the International Young Net (being 12 Brazilian) that were in Paris and Lille, in the city of High Paraíso/Goiás - 7 days.


Looking for to explain him/it shortly because of the Forums, we make some reflections. Before however it is important to stand out that all of them activity here proposed FPH, it looks for financial and methodological support with the interest of they be actions mobilizadoras to take the stamp Alliance and motivate the appearance of new propositions and united definitions of actions among allies.

To work in the formation of young leaderships is fundamental and clear for Alliance that should be one of our tasks. The international Young Net, supervised by Nacera Aknak, it presents now proposed that should be observed with love and to have in all the allies a support point in what is possible, besides with development of projects and reception of resources for accomplishment of the several proposed actions.

This second suggestion, has as objective accomplishes Forums in Brazil, that has been requested by young fronts of Brazil to 2 years and of South American countries, mainly Argentina, Paraguay and I Pay off, besides already thoroughly discussed at youth's school and with allies of these countries, and now present in the notebook of proposals of the Youths (English), denominated as "Crossroads of civilisations."

The idea is to promote existences in areas of great scenic beauty, environmental importance and difficulties preservacionista with experimental programs of Maintainable Development that you/they are developed by allies.

The intention is to do the youths (or adults) they interact with practical situations of Environmental Education, Ecoturismo and social Empreendedorismo, parallel to conversation spaces for plannings of future actions in each participant's places and to diffuse the beginnings of the Alliance more deeply and some of their notebooks as Ethical Consumption; Art and Cultural Identity in the Construction of a Solidary World; Alimentary safety, between other notebooks related with environmental preservation and socioeconomia.

The proposal has as main objective to touch and to prepare the close youth of the Alliance for effective actions on behalf of every process, involving these young ones in the articulations and conversations of the existent lists through internet and in encounters, and to motivate individual attitudes for each young one to assume the paper of enterprising social in their places.

Final considerations

The proposal here presented is inside of the I begin of construction of a new reality to format a true Alliance for a Responsible World, Plural and Solidary. They are youths' participant allies of the process Alliance claims.

The freedom of formatting of these Forums for the team South Cone or FPH is total. They can accomplish the alterations that consider necessary.

Local budgets

As it was mentioned previously, the budgets of trip costs and expenses with lodging and feeding out of Brazil, they are difficult for us to be here dimensionados for us. We can dimensionar in an objective way in here the costs of expenses of the country.

Then the proposal will be with the costs of the international representatives' trip in open for hereafter be estimated by FPH or representatives of the foundation.

All the values are in dollar.

Forums of Youth (or allies) in Brazil

1st - 30 components of the Brazilian Young Net - 5 days
Production of the event US$3.000,00
Consumption materials US$1.000,00
(Daily rate per person: US$55,00)
(Daily rate completes per person US$25,00)
Internal transport US$1.000,00
Aerial passages
(US$200,00 per person)
Fund for eventual expenses US$400,00
Total general US$23.400,00

2nd - 25 Young (or allies) Latin-Americans-6 days
Production of the event US$3.000,00
Consumption materialsUS$800,00
Activities of Ecoturismo US$1.200,00
(Daily rate per person: US$45,00)
(Daily rate completes per person US$25,00)
Internal transport and movings US$2.200,00
Aerial passages of the 7 participant Brazilians
(US$200,00 per person)
Fund for eventual expenses US$600,00
They lack the foreign youths' 18 passages
Total general US$19.700,00

3rd - 45 young of the Young Net (or allies) International-7 days
Production of the event US$6.000,00
Consumption materials US$2.800,00
Activities of Ecoturismo US$1.800,00
(Daily rate per person: US$55,00)
(Daily rate completes per person US$30,00)
Internal transport and movings US$2.200,00
Aerial passages of the 12 participant Brazilians
(US$200,00 per person)
Fund for eventual expenses US$800,00
They lack the foreign youths' 33 passages
Total general US$37.075,00

All the values can have variation and they be subject to promotions that it carts devolution of what is not necessary. All the requested values, case be not used, they will be returned. Verification through accounts rendered with presentation of notes and receipts.

He/she understands each other for:

Production of the event - all the organization and preparation of the Forum included physical place and available equipments.

Consumption materials - you eat, office materials, pastes, specific editorials for the event, paint cartridges, etc.

Activities of Ecoturismo - Existences in ecological trails and natural attractions with visitation to communities and areas of importance socioambientais with attendance of local guides.

Fund for eventual expenses - expenses no measured that can appear.
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