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In defense of her Globalization and of them United States

by Fernando A. Iglesias

In him emergent universe of her globalization, them national states cannot already save him world, but perfectly they can destroy him. You calculate them they are overwhelming: 169 million human beings have died him century passed intentionally due to it violence exercised by national states and other 33 millions have left their bones in wars by the organized. Her statistic doesn't belong to some sect kantiana but to her same organization that nuclea to them responsible for it slaughters it: them United Nations[1]. Calculator in hand, the idea is to 5.534 dead human beings all and each one of them days of him short and bloody XX century. If it is allowed me to observe him: many more daily victims along an entire century than them fallen in Iraq from him beginning of her war.

I blind to this dramatic evidence, convinced that them nations have been created for heaven's sake him eighth day and that they are able to negotiate democratic and peacefully a globalized world, him zombie felt common nationalist of our time continues making responsible by them deaths in Iraq to her Globalization and to them United States, with him dramatic result of to save and to preserve him true responsible for her destruction: him system political-institutional nacional/internacional based on them nation-state.

When them bombs fall on Baghdad, it is easy to be gone up to a table, to shout against her globalization, to call it "imperialism" and to burn a North American flag. It is, also, pathetically unjust and inefectivo. Coarse a shallow comparison of him last half century of American hegemony with him previous half century to discard this vision Manichaean. In front of them two global wars, to him Jewish genocide and to them two born totalitarianisms of an inter-national neither hegemonic neither American order - and before them concrete alternatives that he/she has offered it history (him German nazism and him Chinese-Soviet communism) - him prevalence of a democratic and advanced country as them United States has been, with all its defects and outrages, her better available option inside him nacional/inter-national order.

Still today, under this shameful one and militarist republican administration, her American hegemony is weak and hesitant if compared with its warlike supremacy, without precedents in her history of him world. Fortunately, him democratic and critical character of her American society continues preventing to anyone of its governments to use indiscriminate and unboundedly him enormous North American military might, which it could provoke it destruction of all human life in Iraq in few hours of atomic bombing.

Her another great accused of her hour seems to be she globalization, supposedly responsible for all crime made today in him planet. Nothing else far from her reality. This war has been promoted and developed by governments and national military apparatuses, and if he/she left in defense of economic interests, these are not overall but strongly territorializados: them North American oil corporations - that conserve a hegemony that them USA has lost in other areas, thanks to her globalization - and him complex military-industrial American - that is typically dependent of them ideas of sovereignty and national security. On the other hand, they oppose you to it war countless factors and overall agents: a nascent global public opinion sensitized by them images of them overall television networks, him movement social pacifist connected by Internet and until bought them from all over the world that "vote" daily against this war, expressing it opinion of them financial operators that it will worsen her globally possibility to obtain earnings.

On the other hand, no economic interest seems to be enough to justify them by itself enormous costs and risks of her warlike operation. If some factor is clear as motivation of this war it is she strategy "nationalist-galtierista" of Bush: before him their government's deafening failure, a victorious war constitutes today it only feasible road for her reelection of a republican administration.

Finally, her North American aggression has denounced him character intrinsically elitario of him nacional/inter-national order. Her absolute majority of her humankind was against her war, millions have been mobilized planetarily, you interview them they expressed a strong opposition in them same states that impelled it; but her a single national government's will has been able to impose it unilaterally without institutions of an advanced global democracy that could impede him existed. There are them here unavoidable consequences of an inter-national management of him overall universe that spreads to reproduce it and to increase it far from opposing you to it more powerful hegemony of them.

On the other hand, them approximately eight hundred thousand human beings that died in her war between Iran and Iraq without waking up him clamor of him world perfectly rational tornan him argument on him that her administration Bush has mounted it taking of Baghdad. But although her abolition of him armament of massive destruction in hands of Saddam Hussein should be protected on behalf of her protection of her life of him same Iraqi people, them interventions of other states are illegitimate and counteractive to be subject to him unacceptable condicionamiento of you interest them national.

This way, in an overall world, it battles her by her democracy and by her peace necessarily reaches an overall scale. For any viable intent of dismantling Iraq and them peacefully United States (him state national that bigger quantity of weapons of massive destruction possesses in him planet), it is required of a superior, global power (and no longer inter-national), democratic and representative that enjoys of genuineness before them to be based on it democratic logic "a man-a vote" big you make possible. I refer to a Global Parliament in him that you differentiate them inter-national they can be settled peacefully and in him that most of them inhabitants of him planet that you/they survive under exasperating conditions in them underdeveloped countries, can defend its Human rights politically.

Regrettably, this war will reinforce them worse tendencies contrary to him establishment of a global democratic order: him tercermundismo aislacionista and "anti-imperialistic" in them late nations, him terrorist fundamentalism in them Islamic, him militarism in Israel, him anti-Americanism anti-modernist in all sides. Even worse: it will promote him debilitamiento of her unit European continental supranacional or, in their defect, it will legitimate them worse temptations to build a continental state endowed with unified armed forces. Finally, you tornará for the first time possible in United States him birth of a true proto-Fascist right to similar national scale to her existent in almost all them countries of Europe. All these nationalist variants and militarists are countless source of dangers and threats to her overall peace and to him well-being of them citizens of him world.

The terrible of her prevailing situation sought fascism of Bush doesn't depend on him or of him barbaric character of him American" "imperialism. The terrible thing is that in an overall world based on him maximum technological development, still them a conservative and nationalist leader's interventions - but at all Fascist - and of a democratic and advanced national state they have destructive consequences of planetary scale. In this destruction context and overall anarchy, her creation of institutions democratic-representative World cups constitutes it only rational road toward a more peaceful and more human world.

Fernando Churches is an Argentine writer specialized in them political aspects of her globalization. It has published two books on him topic: "Republic of her Earth-globalization: him end of them National" Modernities (Colihue-good Aires) and "Twin Towers: he Collapses of them National" States (Bellaterra-Barcelona). Their work "Collapse" was selected by Xlibris for "9/11 Anthology-Unveiling the real terrorist mind", anthology published in them United States, with collaborations of Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Michael Parenti, among others.

Their current works are to "Globalize her to Democracy-democratize it Globalization" and "Have Overall Laws on Globalization" (unpublished). Him introduced article ("In defense of her Globalization and of them United States") expressed them central thesis of a book in writing process. It is also him director in Argentina of her "Campaign by a Global" Democracy that "World promotes it Citizen Foundation" of New York.

[1] Informe 2002 del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo, página 87.
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