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The ufp wishes to tax differently

Update Wednesday April 9, 2003, 15 hs 26.

The union of the progressive forces (UFP) proposes several changes in the way whose Québec state perceives some incomes with regard to the companies and of the individuals. The candidate of the party in St-Marie-St.-Jacques, Gaétan, Breton, presented these proposals of change Wednesday.

In 1950, explain Mr. Breton, the individuals and the companies contributed each for 50% of the fiscal returns of the governments. In 2000, the, individuals contributed for more of 90%. Yet, the wages to the course of the last 20 years doubled hardly, whereas the incomes of the individual companies tripled and that those of the companies were multiplied by six.

The candidate pursues while recalling that the production is done, besides some more, without the contribution of the human work. However, more wealth occurs without work, more our taxing system concentrates on the incomes of work, that, who can only create important distortions and can explain the difficulty some state has swing its budgets and to proceed to a real redistribution of wealth. The incomes pulled from the companies decrease while the taxes to the consumption, regressive taxes, increase constantly.

To ensure a better distribution of wealth, the UFP puts it before several proposals of change of the Québecois fiscal régime, of which:

- a reduction of the limit of the REER, that serves to the mainly better affluent;
- the elimination of the family trusts; 
- a complete taxation of the capital incomes;
- to tax the high incomes more efficiently;
- to eliminate the fiscal paradises, and
- to tax the transactions on the movable values.

Founded in last June, the union of the progressive strengths present 73 candidates in the election campaign in view of the vote of Monday.

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