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John and Marjorie Ewbank
Reform-activists at 86 and 88, seeking sustainable justice through decentralist-federalism
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February 9, 2003
Dear friend: Re: Gentle Usurpation approaches toward globally governing individuals

Many gentle usurpation experiments have been amazingly cost-effective in educating people about why the treaty system should be replaced by a Supra-National Emancipating Federation [SNEF]. The Earth Constitution provides for various Sessions of a Provisional Parliament. Dr. Terrence Amersinghe, Dr. Glen T. Martin, and Dr. Reinhold Ruge, who were active in the leadership of some of the recent Sessions have organized a new corporation, called the Institute On World Problems [IOWP]. A Sixth Session  of the Provisional Parliament in Bangkok, Thailand March 24-28, 2003 is being partly managed by IOWP. I am going.

Home Rule Globally [HRG] is recruiting two types of Observers. If dozens of Eminent Legislators from many nations were observers, then the fellowship and corridor conversations might greatly accelerate progress toward a SNEF. If dozens of Wealthy Servant Leaders were Observers, then by NOMOS type of spontaneous order. several competing cabinets advocating alternative Proposals for a SNEF might evolve. Wealthy Servant Leaders, organized as a Campaigning Cabinet from at least five continents, could hire constitutional who could write a Proposal designed to win global ratification.  The competition among such wealthy financed Proposals could stimulate the trillion dollars of advertising that might be needed to overcome the current widespread addiction to news about foreign affairs. Under the CAVEWG service of  HRG, the SNEF would pay for its birthing costs on the third Peace Day after launching. Then those who had made intra-national financial contributions to campaigns either for or against any of the Proposals that had gained Credibility Status would be refunded their contributions with simple interest at 0.5% per month. Thus Wealthy Servant Leaders could focus on an altruistic project that could be profitable.  Only by person-to-person grapevine communications can either the eminent legislators or Wealthy Servant Leaders be reached. Hence, the two faces of a one-sheet flyer need to be widely distributed by e-mail and all other means of communication, because March 23 is only a few weeks away. Adequately reorganizing the world requires a SNEF. This is a rare opportunity for many individuals, by merely expanding the deadline, to do more for lasting peace than has been done by some of those who have won peace prizes.


John R. Ewbank

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Share with John Ewbank Observer status at WP in Bangkok

Per capita happiness in the 22nd century will be greater than today because a Supra-National Emancipating Federation will by then be helping to coordinate global governance. An acceptable formula for weighted voting in a World Parliament that could win the ratification of the predominant clout of nations has not yet been invented, but might be invented at almost any time.  Home Rule Globally encourages all to study the Earth Constitution [EC] as a stimulus for inventing an acceptable formula for weighted voting. Copies of the  EC can be purchased for $12 from the Institute On World Problems [IOWP], 41 Dias Place, Colombo,12, Sri Lanka, or 313 Seventh Ave, Radford, VA 24141. The latter accepts credit cards.

The EC provides for  sessions of the Provisional World Parliament [PWP]. Dr. Terrence Amersinghe, Dr. Reinhold Ruge, and Dr. Glen T. Martin, who have been in the leadership of  some of the more recent PWPs have organized IOWP that is sponsoring a 6th PWP at the Bangkok Centre Hotel March 23-28, 2003. You are invited to register with IOWP as a Delegate or Observer. If you seek observer status, but do not want to deal directly with IOWP, you are invited to register with LAGE, a division of HRG.  Registrants, whether Delegates or Observers, whether through IOWP or HRG, obtain a remarkable bargain that includes six nights of lodging and vegetarian breakfast and lunch at the Bangkok Centre Hotel, airport transportation, and some sight-seeing. Bangkok Centre Hotel is at IV Rama Road, Bangkok, Thailand. Normal registration is $250, but only $200 if with roommate. Those from poor nations pay only $150 or $100. Registrants arrive on Saturday, March 23. The Agenda is:

Sun, March 24 Morning Orientation; 2:00 PM Inauguration speakers
Mon, March 25. Session 9:00 AM-12:45; Lunch 1:00 Session 2:00-5:00
Tues, March 26, Session 9:00 AM 12:45; Lunch 1:00; Session 2;00-5;00
Wed, March 27, Session 9:00 AM-12:45; Lunch 1:00; Session 2:00-5:00
Thur, March 28. Participate in celebration of 60th birthday of Venerable Bhikku Ariyawaso
Fri, March 29 Sightseeing and/or departure

The six items on the Legislative Agenda are: Resolutions honoring both : and his Excellency, the King of Thailand and the Peace Envoy Bhikku Airyawaso as Peace Envoy and World Legislative Bills # 14-17 concerned with World Peace, Human Rights, Natural Resources, and Legislative Review. Additional information is available from IOWP, 313 7th Ave, Radford,VA 24141. Voting Delegate requirements have been relaxed. John and Marjorie Ewbank have participated in a plurality of PWPs by carryover from their obtaining more than 2,000 signatures to qualify as Delegates to the Convention which prepared EC. At ages 86 and 88, they actively manage HRG, a think tank encouraging inventiveness concerning the global governing of individuals.  HRG seeks a Supra-National Emancipating Federation [SNEF] that desirably will have an initial budget that is a tiny percentage of total budgets for governance and will supplement [not replace] the UN’s coordination under the treaty system. Such SNEF desirably will have  adequate authority for “de-fanging” nations and restoring greater autonomy to more local governance bodies such as provinces, municipalities, and intermediate entities. HRG opposes those “federalists” who seek an extremely powerful world government replacing the UN. Such centralists have extremely greater clout than HRG. For a century, the Centralist Federalists have glorified the substantial inevitability of Evolving Centralized Domination. The false doctrine that a Centralist Federation might evolve from foreign affairs has stimulated the addiction to news about foreign affairs.  Although nations constituting most of the clout of the world must voluntarily ratify a Proposal for a SNEF, each ratification [except the last necessary one] must be substantially irrelevant to foreign affairs if the hazards of ecocide are to be minimized.

Home Rule Globally
1150 Woods Rd, Southampton, PA 18966=4545,,
215-357-3977  FAX 215-433-2673

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Legislators Appraising Galaxial Emancipation [LAGE]

Within the treaty system each nation purportedly has sovereignty concerning its internal affairs, including laws regulating slavery. Although treaties have decreased some aspects of international slave trade, some scholars have suggested that the global governing of individuals for emancipating mature, educated, responsible adults from slavery might be more manageable. Widespread fear of global tyranny requires unprecedented safeguards for individual liberty in any Supra-National Emancipating Federation. Investigating the plausibility of an alternative is far different from endorsing a program. Many hurdles would delay such a drastic transformation even after the invention of a formula for weighting voting in a world parliament that could win adequate global consensus. Individuals recently immersed in the treaty system cannot invent the transformations needed for better organizing the world. Hence, only those legislators who have not in the last 60 months been diplomats or administrators within the treaty system, and who have had at some time at least 60 days legislative experience can qualify for LEGISLATORS APPRAISING GALAXIAL EMANCIPATION [LAGE].  Most experienced legislators recognize that they are to some extent the puppets of Relatively Anonymous Establishments. World turmoil merits preparation by Wealthy Servant Leaders [members of the Relatively Anonymous Establishments courageous enough to identify themselves] of still another Declaration of Inter-dependence, possibly called the 2003 Bangkok Declaration of Inter-Dependence, if under the “Nomos” concept of “spontaneous order” wise servant-leaders could meet together.  Such a Declaration might  embody some of the concepts of ‘de-fanging nations” as clarified in SCUTTLE THE POLITICIANS at LAGE encourages Wealthy Servant Leaders to gather in Bangkok for this purpose March 23-28, 2003, concurrently with the fellowship gathering of LAGE as accredited observers at the 6th Session of the Provisional World Parliament of the Earth Constitution at the Bangkok Central Hotel.

Home Rule Globally, a think-tank for decentralist-federalists, provides office services for LAGE at 1150 Woods Road, Southampton, PA 18966-4545, 215-357-3977, FAX 215-322-2673, under guidance of John and Marjorie Ewbank, who have been reform-activists and married for more than 62 years.  e-mail:

All Data Submitted in Confidence to Home Rule Globally

Few individuals qualify either for LAGE or as Wealthy Servant Leaders. In submitting data to HRG, the submitter warrants willingness to provide documentary evidence confirming the accuracy of self certification, and contracts to hold HRG harmless concerning false statements or the like. In accordance with the hereinabove definitions, the undersigned warrants that he/she is:

…..Wealthy Servant Leader;      …..Qualified for LAGE;          …..a reform-activist

Registration as Observer at 6th Provisional Parliament

Payment of Registration Fee, USA $250 [$200 each if roommate concurrently registers; $150 if from pauper nation, or $100 if with roommate from pauper nation] as wire transfer to HRG account 29-19215 at Southampton Premier Bank 031902591 or as enclosed check …
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