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Weekly Summary 14 (April 29- May 6, 2003)
The next step
[3rd summary, Topic VI]

Arnaud BLIN
WP21 team


For this last weekly synthesis, we look into the incredible resources represented by the growing world of retirees and how they might serve a world parliament. Then, we continue our discussion of the WP logo. Familiar topics such as representation and local democracy are also briefly discussed. Finally, we end with a message on the * family of man * and Sim Pol.

Continuing on the last month of this first phase of the e-Forum, this will be the third and final weekly summary for this topic which focuses on the next steps that we could take for actually creating the WP.

The fast augmenting increase of retirees in the world, especially the first world, is one of the most important phenomenon that the 21st century will face, with unforeseen social, economic, demographic and political consequences. And one of the challenges will be to exploit this vast human resource and the individuals who compose it, who, in great part, do not seek to remain in contemplative idleness. Thus, a World Parliament might just be the place where this resource might be recognized, advertised and used for projects that the * working * world may not have the time to delve into. Helping others in need is one vast terrain where retirees might be able to use their time, energy and experience. Thus, the WP could very well be a springboard to help us turn the * problem * of massive retirement into something positive. For instance, we could give a central role to the retired people in the human education of the young. This type of action could be jump started with a call to retired people of the world using the WP platform.

As we move along with this forum and its after life, there is a growing demand among participants to * rally around a logo.* Already two propositions have been forwarded to the forum, one from French students, and the other from a Chinese artist (who has already sketched a logo available online: A logo is important and its success is based on its attractiveness, simplicity and the manner by which it captures the message and symbols of the ideas it represents. Which is why designing a logo is often a complex endeavor requiring some thought and preparation. In the case of a WP, a logo would need ideally to convey the idea of millions of people participating, of solving our global problems, of the linkage between local and global matters, of a participatory decision making process that can move towards, strengthening and democratizing the international rule of law, etc.

On the core issue of representation, one contributor saw the problem of participation as directly linked to the legitimacy of a WP: * The more people participate, the more legitimacy it has; and; the more it addresses the questions related to representation, the more legitimacy it has. *

To tackle the problem, he proposes the following measures:

- Digital divide issues can be addresses by giving more power to people with less access to information technology (if there are offline accountability mechanisms) - online and offline delegation is one example for this.

- If there is the possibility that anyone can influence any aspect of the system at any time one can gradually improve the mechanisms to address these problems.

Local Democracy Rules
The initial idea behind the creation of a WP was to create bridges between the local, regional, national and international environments. As we end this 1st phase of the forum, one participant reminds us that all people are living at the local level, adding that * Regional, national, continental and world levels are only administrative. * Thus, the focus of any initiative to reform global governance must start at the local level. It is here that one must build real democratic structures whose principles can then be applied at all other levels.

Family of man and Sim Pol
I will end this final weekly synthesis with this message from one of our participants that captures somewhat the spirit of this forum:

* The World today, urgently requires men and women able to see the world as a whole and committed to the welfare of the entire family of * Man *. Furthermore, if hopes for a better future are to be realized, a number of obstacles remain to be overcome: Forces of destructive competition? How do we make the United Nations and/or WP more responsible and accountable to popular opinion and pacifism? How do we make the United Nations stand out from organizations such as NATO and the United States Congress?

With every new citizen who adopts * Simultaneous Policy *, we are a step closer to reaching our common objectives of a just, peaceful, democratic and cooperative world order. *
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